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What Services Can an Expert Provide?
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What Services Can an Expert Provide?

What makes someone an ‘expert’? Typically, a combination of education, work experience, certifications and publications can distinguish someone as an expert in their field. However, to be officially recognized as such, the individual in question typically needs to have their status affirmed by a judge or academic institution. Nevertheless, experts can provide a number of services, and the following are three of the most common.

1. Court Appearances

Expert witnesses are often recruited by legal professionals to support individuals, companies and institutions during legal trials. They may appear in court to offer their thoughts on particular facts or pieces of evidence that are in use. They may also be hired to provide their own knowledge as a type of evidence. Either way, expert witness services often play a big role in litigation.

2. Consultations

Experts can also be hired for consulting purposes. If a company or individual needs advice or guidance regarding something within the expert’s wheelhouse, they may consider the opinion of said expert. For example, a company that is looking to have their loans reviewed or undergo a credit analysis may hire a financial expert to weigh in on their decisions and provide counsel around what steps to take next. Consulting an expert can be a helpful way to avoid pitfalls and seek excellent, impartial advice.

3. Contributions

Sometimes, experts are hired to contribute to papers, studies and research. They may be asked to review the facts stated in an unpublished manuscript or academic draft. They may also be asked to write a portion of those kinds of materials, to give a more thorough view on a certain topic or help the authors produce a more valid document. 

Experts are called upon regularly to contribute to court proceedings, business practices, research and written work. Their unique combination of education and experience can make them invaluable members of society.