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More Girls Are Playing Football. Is That Progress?

More girls are playing high school football, even as the sport draws fewer participants overall in an injury-conscious era.

As part of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, the National Football League organized its third Women’s Summit for Friday “to discuss how football and the broader sports world can continue to support the advancement of women on and off the field,” said Kamran Mumtaz, an N.F.L. spokesman.

The sport remains male-dominated, with no women playing in the N.F.L. and few on college teams. But some high school girls, playing on teams of boys, are gaining attention for their achievements.

For example, last fall, the high school quarterback Holly Neher threw a touchdown pass in Florida, making headlines as the first girl known to do so in state history.


And K-Lani Nava, a kicker, became the first girl in Texas to score points in a high school state championship game.

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