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The Best Blowdryers to Invest In, According to the Pros

To air-dry or blow-dry? It’s the question on practically everyone’s minds these days as laissez-faire hair maintains its stronghold. But while there are plenty of reasons to forgo products and styling altogether, most wintery days can be won with a polished, pulled-together look that offers additional don’t-leave-the-house-with-wet-hair insurance against cold and flu season.

With hundreds of hard-working models on the market, ranging dramatically in size, horsepower, and price, it’s difficult to know which is worth the investment. Maintaining the integrity of the hair is key, says New York hairstylist Tim Rogers, who has worked with everyone from Kate Moss to Rosario Dawson: “My drying tools have temperature control chips that monitor the [heat levels].” For others, efficiency and travel capabilities reign supreme.

Here, five pro stylists, who have years of backstage and on-set experience under their belts, help navigate the complicated landscape that is the world of blow-dryers.

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The Best Mascaras of All Time, According to 6 Celebrity Makeup Artists

Consider the following scenario: There’s less than a minute until the Uber (that’s already late) arrives. After snipping off the Net-a-Porter tags, throwing on that new Proenza Schouler midi and scraping hair back into a sleek, low ponytail, you’re faced with a split 25-second decision: Apply lipstick, blush, or a coat of black mascara? A quick poll around the Vogue offices reveals that the overwhelming answer is to save the lashes first (you can always pinch your cheeks while en route, and stash a crimson red in your bag for post-dinner). And some of Hollywood’s best makeup artists couldn’t agree more.

While myriad formulas on the market promise to volumize, curl, and define, only a few stealth products make the professional cut. Who better to trust for advice than the experts who have tried them all, from drugstore to luxury and everything between, and on famous lids belonging to the … Read More

Are Slippers the New Hero Gift This Season?

Thought slippers were just for quick bodega runs and hotel lobbies? Well, think again. From Sienna Miller’s minimal suede pair from Tkees to Hailey Bieber’s fashion-forward pair, there is something for whatever occasion lies on the road ahead. It’s worth getting a pair for yourself before you even begin to tackle everyone else on your “to-shop-for” list. They might just be the perfect travel shoe this season: backless, pain-free, and swell-proof.

Gucci’s opulent velvet slippers are a no-brainer when it comes to holiday party dressing—and that goes for cocktail hour or black tie—while Rosetta Getty’s shearling slides are chic alternative to the killer heels you’ve had stashed under your office all year. Even slippers that are actually meant for indoors only, like Patricia Green’s pink gingham pair or Gianvito Rossi’s signature floral pair exclusive to My Theresa, can be put to work, too. Pro tip: Take them to a local … Read More

Introducing Matek, a New Line of Cutting-Edge Ski Intimates

Connecticut-native Abigail Stern grew up skiing with her family, but it wasn’t until she moved to Boulder, Colorado, for college that she fell in love with the sport. “It was just so fun and casual,” she recalls of the impromptu trips to Aspen and Beaver Creek she and her friends would take after class or on the weekends. Though skiing soon became second nature, the dearth of affordable yet stylish ski gear kept her from feeling completely comfortable on the slopes. “I was like, ‘There needs to be more options,’” she recalls—which is why, upon graduating, she enrolled at Parsons School of Design, followed by stints at Hood by Air, NikeLab, and Asics. This month, her long journey culminated in the launch of her cutting-edge ski intimates label, Matek.

The five-piece lineup, which was test-driven by skiers of all ages and levels (including the Squaw Valley National Ski Patrol), consists … Read More

Your Foolproof Recipe for Holiday-Dressing Success? Red Velvet

“The fashion instinct for red: It’s special . . . it’s a matter of temperament, looks, or both . . . ,” noted Vogue in 1963. A celebratory, look-at-me color, red was historically associated with passion, privilege, and power. Louis XIV, for example, famously wore scarlet heels and enacted sumptuary laws preventing those not in royal favor from following suit. Over time, the bold hue became linked to the festive holiday season via a certain cheery fellow with a beard “as white as the snow” and a suit as red as a . . . Coca-Cola label? Speaking to NPR, Arielle Eckstut, coauthor of The Secret Language of Color, explained that in 1931 the beverage company commissioned an illustrator “to create a Santa Claus” for promotional purposes. The artist drew one dressed in scarlet and with a physique that aligned with Clement Clarke Moore’s depiction of the “right jolly old … Read More