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Hiring New Employees
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Hiring New Employees

Hiring people can always be a great boon to a company, especially if the new hires turn out to be skilled, creative and hard working. However, not all employees may necessarily fit that bill. If you’re an employer looking for someone to fill a vacant job position, certain precautions can help you make smarter and safer hiring decisions.

Ask For References

Talking to somebody who previously worked with a prospective employee (e.g. a boss or a colleague) is a great way to learn more about and get a second opinion of your potential hire’s strengths, work ethic and professional demeanor. It can also help dispel any doubts or things you weren’t clear about, as well as expose exaggerations and lies.

Run a Background Check

Generally, an employee only tells you what they feel you need to know to get them hired. While that is their right, there are rare cases where they could be omitting key information about their personal or professional history that could be damaging to your company’s reputation. To avoid seeming discriminatory toward employees just because you find them “suspicious,” make running background checks a standard part of your hiring process. Look up background check services for employers you can partner with to make sure your potential employee isn’t concealing any past criminal activity.

Avoid Irrelevant and “Curveball” Interview Questions

Catching your hire off-guard does not necessarily mean they are bad candidates. While you can ask them what they might do in certain scenarios, make sure these are situations that they are actually likely to face in their position. Instead of thinking of ways to stump your candidates, ask questions that determine whether your candidate’s job ethic and personality are a good fit for the company.

While some of these tips may slightly lengthen the hiring process, you’ll find the extra wait worth it. All it takes are simple steps like these to filter out bad choices and make your next hire the right one.